Start Your SEO Business With Dedicated Semalt Dashboard


  • Introduction to the Dedicated Semalt Dashboard
  • How to Start your SEO Business with the DSD
  • Diving Deep into the DSD
  • Using the DSD Add-Ons to Build Leads
  • Lead Generation Strategy
  • Get Started with DSD

Introduction to the Dedicated Semalt Dashboard

The Dedicated Semalt Dashboard (DSD) is a powerful tool that allows you to quickly generate a full range of deep insights for your clients' or potential clients' websites. 

You can get started with a free trial of the DSD which comes with a full range of features - additional options like the Admin Panel and whitelabeling are available at a low monthly cost.

The DSD provides you with cutting-edge analytics on par with tools like Ahrefs and SEMRush or Ubersuggest with the ability to completely brand the reports and dashboard and even host it on your own domain.

You can get started with the Dedicated Semalt Dashboard with a free demo or read on to learn more about the powerful tools available in the DSD and how you can use them to start your own SEO business or grow your current business:

How to Start your SEO Business with the DSD

Getting your SEO business started with the Dedicated Semalt Dashboard is easy. First, try out a free demo of the tool for your own website and see just how useful it can be for helping you optimize your website and any other domains you own as well as your current clients.

Use the tool to implement changes that will improve your rankings and create some case studies based on the improvements you have made. 

Then showcase your case studies to potential clients along with providing them with monthly SEO packages. You can use the Dedicated Semalt Dashboard both as a lead generation tool and as a way to help your current clients dramatically improve their SEO (see below).

Diving Deep into the DSD

The Dedicated Semalt Dashboard offers numerous unique features that make it a top competing option to the other options. The main features of the DSD are also free to use compared to competing options that will charge you for even basic access.

SERP Tools

The SERP tools include Keywords in TOP, Best Pages and Competitors tools, all of which are powerful and useful ways to uncover insights about your top ranking keywords and pages along with competitor information.

The Keywords in TOP tool shows you all the top keywords that your website is ranking for in Google including the keyword, URL, current ranking and number of searches per month for the keyword.

The Best Pages tool shows the number of pages and keywords that have been ranked in the Google TOP 1-100 search results over time on a particular domain to see your best performing pages.

Finally the Competitors tool shows all the websites ranking in the Google TOP 1-100 for keywords similar to yours so that you can quickly see what some of your top competitors are and also download the shared keywords to further explore your competitors and their rankings compared to yours.

Webpage Analyzer Tool

The Webpage Analyzer tool provides a highly detailed report on critical SEO areas to improve upon for a particular domain including meta tags, headings, in-page links, external and internal links, text/HTML ratio, image alt tags, keyword density, content uniqueness, indexing data and much more.

This is a more detailed report that you might consider selling as an extra for your clients as it provides a high level of insight into the biggest SEO problems that a particular URL may have.

Page Speed Analyzer Tool

The Page Speed Tool offers rapid insights into your current page speed, showcasing how user and mobile friendly your website currently is. You'll see any potential errors that you need to fix along with what the website is doing well in terms of best practices for page speed.

Content Tools

Content tools include the Page Uniqueness and Website Uniqueness tools which help you determine if a particular page or website is being duplicated or plagiarized anywhere else on the internet. You can quickly find out if anyone has copied your website in order to file a takedown request and ensure that your intellectual property is protected, or mistakenly created duplicate pages.

The Dedicated Semalt Dashboard does not require a subscription to get started, along add-on features such as full whitelabeling, customization features, and leads database integration requires access to the Standard Plan. Still, there are a huge range of free features available on the Dedicated Semalt Dashboard that will cost you at every other competing option.

Using the DSD Add-Ons to Build Leads

We are truly dedicated to helping you grow your SEO business, and therefore we don't just offer the Dedicated Semalt Dashboard but a range of lead generating add-ons to further grow your business.

You can choose a range of option add-ons to further help you build leads using Semalt at a low monthly cost. 
  • LinkedIn Leads - Access a database of 65+ million qualified leads with this add-on. You can search leads by skills, position, by company name or through a range of other parameter options. This can be perfect for growing your SEO business as a wide range of leads on LinkedIn are specifically looking for freelancers, agencies and service providers.
  • Crawler Leads - Our crawler leads include a database of 20+ million businesses across a wide range of different target markets. You can target a specific market 
  • Facebook Groups - We offer a database of over 75,000 Facebook groups which can be a great source of additional leads for your marketing campaigns. Leveraging Facebook is almost certain to be essential to your growth strategy as a SEO provider and we include both private and public companies in our database to help you target the right crowd. 

Lead Generation Strategy using the Dedicated Semalt Dashboard

Once you have purchased the add-ons you would like along with the Standard Plan of the Dedicated Semalt Dashboard - you have everything you need to grow your SEO business.

You can white-label your dashboard with your company's brand and domain along with getting full access to the Admin Panel which allows you to work directly with our leads database and manage your business processes.

One idea is to provide a Free SEO Audit or a Free SEO Report to your leads as a way to generate a list of potential clients using the Dedicated Semalt Dashboard.

Using any of the free or paid CRM tools like Mailchimp or Hubspot, you can send your leads to a landing page providing a free SEO audit or report for your clients' domain. 

Once you begin to receive leads, you can quickly generate as detailed of a report as you want using the DSD and then begin to upsell your services or more detailed reports.

Get started now with a free full-featured demo of the Dedicated Semalt Dashboard and see just how useful it can be for helping you start or grow your SEO business!